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Results of recent member survey

Dear NACE Members and Industry Partners,

Earlier this year, NACE contracted with Marketing General, Inc. to scan the current environment of the catering and events industry. More than 1,000 current, former, and prospective members completed the survey and provided insight to us that will help shape the future of the organization.

When asked why they joined NACE, current and former members indicated the following were top drivers:

  • Creating a strong network of industry professionals (63%)   
  • Build their business (41%)  
  • The youngest participants (ages 18-25) report that they joined NACE for career advancement opportunities. 

Professional Challenges 
Survey respondents recognize that the profession has changed since they started. More than half cite the following as professional challenges.

  • Increased use of social media (54%),
  • Greater competition in the space (34%)
  • Amplified use of technology at events (31%)

When asked about the challenges in the profession itself, participants cite the following:

  • Budget constraints (48%)
  • Having to do more with less (43%)
  • Increasing costs (38%)
  • Acquisition and retention of quality employees (41%)

If you would live to view the complete executive summary of the survey, you can do so HERE.

What’s in store for 2018 
Our work is just getting started! This weekend, your National Board, Foundation of NACE Board and staff will meet at TISOH in Las Vegas to begin the action plan for the organization moving forward.

You can expect changes and growth as we use this information to update existing offerings to members, as well as work to create stronger value within the chapters and nationally.

Look out for volunteer opportunities in the months to follow to work on various committees and task forces to further these initiatives.

We are all very excited to work together on this to create the Future of NACE.


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